The annual vehicle inspection process in New Hampshire includes an On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) emission system test and safety inspection. This website provides information to help motorists understand the inspection program.

The emission system test ensures your vehicle is running as cleanly and efficiently as possible, maintaining good air quality for everyone enjoying the scenic public roadways of New Hampshire.

As of October 1, 2007, all automobiles and light-duty trucks with model years 20-years-old and newer must pass an OBD test during its inspection period. Rejected vehicles are required to be repaired and retested to pass before an inspection sticker will be issued.

Important Sticker News

Press Release from NH DMV on August 1, 2017: The New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles announced today that starting October 1st inspection stickers will be affixed to the lower, driver side corner of a vehicle’s windshield (see picture below). This change was prompted by many newer model vehicles being equipped with crash avoidance technology located in the area where inspection stickers are currently affixed.

The DMV has also redesigned the existing sticker in order to improve the current inspection sticker issuance process. The new inspection stickers will have both the month and year of expiration printed on them and will contain several new security features including a hologram backer. Certain vehicles, such as motorcycles, will continue to utilize the current inspection stickers.

“The DMV is excited about the upcoming changes,” DMV Director Elizabeth Bielecki said. “By taking advantage of available technology, we are able to gain significant improvements to the vehicle inspection process.”

Visit NH.GOV/DMV for the most up to date information on this and other Division of Motor Vehicles news.